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How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023? 5 Tips For Digital Marketers



How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023? 5 Tips For Digital Marketers

Did you know that the compound annual growth rate in the digital marketing industry is projected to be 13.9% until 2026? The market is expected to reach $786.2 billion by that time frame. 

This shows the importance of staying on top of new developments and adapting strategies accordingly — especially if digital marketers want to take advantage of the growth in 2023. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, keep reading to equip yourself with the right tips to slay your digital marketing game and stay ahead of the curve. 

1. Follow industry leaders and influencers

Industry leaders or influencers in digital marketing are individuals who have established themselves as thought leaders in their fields, and have earned a large following due to their valuable insights and expertise.

To identify the right ones to follow, start by doing some research. Look for those with a track record of accurately predicting trends and providing valuable insights. You can search for keywords related to your industry on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023 5

Even a simple Google search can do the job!

Once you’ve identified potential influencers, it’s important to follow them across various platforms, including their social media, blogs, and even podcasts. This will give you a well-rounded view of their insights and perspectives. You can also use tools like Feedly or Flipboard to create a customized news feed of content from your favorite influencers.

Another great way to engage with influencers is by commenting on their content and participating in their online communities. By adding value to the conversation, you can build relationships with influential figures in your industry and stay on their radar. 

Finally, tools like Hootsuite or Buzzsumo can help identify influencers and track their content. Hootsuite allows you to monitor social media conversations and track specific keywords or hashtags, while Buzzsumo provides insight into content that’s trending in your industry.

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Pro-tip: Looking for some influencers to get started with? Here are some of our favorites:
Neil Patel — known for his expertise in SEO and content marketing 
Gary Vaynerchuk — known for his expertise in social media marketing 
Rand Fishkin — founder of Moz, recognized authority on SEO and content marketing.
2. Attend digital marketing conferences and events
Whether you’re looking to build your skills, explore new marketing strategies, or connect with like-minded professionals, attending industry conferences can be an invaluable experience. 

Conferences and events also offer exposure to new marketing strategies, tools, and technologies. You can learn about the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing, as well as gain hands-on experience.

To find relevant conferences and events, research conferences in your specific niche and choose ones that align with your interests and goals. 

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Once you’ve chosen a conference, plan your schedule to make the most of your time. Be sure to attend workshops and breakout sessions to learn about specific topics in depth. One other thing: take advantage of networking opportunities to build relationships and exchange ideas with other attendees and presenters.

Pro-tip: Some popular digital marketing conferences include: 
Social Media Marketing World
Content Marketing World
3. Collaborate with other professionals and brands 
Working with other professionals and brands in your industry allows you to learn from their experiences and gain new insights into marketing strategies and tactics.

Here are some collaboration tips to keep in mind: 

Identify potential collaborators who share your target audience and marketing goals. Look for businesses and individuals who complement your brand and its values. 

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Develop a mutually beneficial partnership. This could include co-creating content, cross-promoting each other’s products or services, or collaborating on a joint marketing campaign.

Building relationships is key to successful collaborations. Take the time to get to know your collaborators and understand their businesses and goals. Be sure to communicate clearly and work together to establish shared objectives.

Use social media to connect with potential collaborators, share each other’s content, and promote joint initiatives.

Measure and analyze the resultsof your campaign. Conduct website audits and track key metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and sales, and use this data to optimize your future collaborations.

A great example of a successful digital marketing collaboration is the #LikeAGirl Campaign partnership by Always and Girls on the Run.

1678791292 880 How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023 5

Source: Beloved Brands

The popular feminine hygiene brand amplified the success of its viral 2014 marketing success by teaming up with Girls on the Run in 2019 to support the National Access and Inclusion Initiative. Over $750,000 has been donated over the last two years, shining a philanthropic light on Always’ brand image. 
4. Join industry organizations and groups
Joining industry organizations and groups can provide many benefits that can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

You can gain access to exclusive industry information and resources, such as primary research and reports that can help you stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices.

There will also be opportunities to network and build relationships with other professionals in your field. This can be especially valuable for freelancers and entrepreneurs who may not have as many opportunities to connect with others in their industry.

To identify the right organizations:

Research industry organizations and choose ones that align with your interests and goals. 
Attend events and participate in committees to build relationships and gain exposure for your work.
Volunteer to help with events or initiatives to build your skills and experience.

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Pro-tip: Examples of industry organizations and groups include the following: 
American Marketing Association
Interactive Advertising Bureau
Content Marketing Institute
5. Experiment with new marketing techniques and technologies
Experimenting with new marketing techniques and technologies can help you reach wider audiences and engage customers in new ways.

However, when identifying the new tools and methods at your disposal, it’s important to choose the ones that align with your brand’s goals and audience. 

For example, if you’re targeting Gen Z, you might experiment with video formats on growing social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram Reels to reach that audience.

1678791292 588 How To Keep Up With Marketing Trends In 2023 5

Source: Digital Marketing Institute

A great way to do this is by experimenting with new tactics on a small scale to test their effectiveness before growing. You can do this through A/B tests on your website, by running a small ad campaign on a new platform or by testing a new content format to see how it performs before investing more resources.

Examples of new marketing techniques and technologies that digital marketers can experiment with include AI tools like ChatGPT, virtual and augmented reality and voice search optimization. 

If a new marketing trend or technology doesn’t work out, be prepared to pivot your strategy and try something new. 

Experimentation involves taking risks, and not every experiment will be successful. The key is to learn from your failures and adjust your strategy accordingly.
As we move into 2023, it’s important you look out for exciting emerging trends in the year ahead, like AI and machine learning, social commerce, the rise of the ‘creator economy’, and focus on customers’ personalized experiences. 

By keeping up with the latest trends, you can ensure your brand’s success in the fast-paced digital landscape. So let’s get out there and embrace the future of marketing!

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WordPress is one of the best website-building tools available, but it can be tricky to figure out how to use it for your purposes best. One of the most confusing parts of using this tool is deciding between vs vs image shows a laptop with gears on the screen and a tab button


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What Apple’s Vision Pro means for AR and VR marketing



What Apple’s Vision Pro means for AR and VR marketing

Apple’s Vision Pro. Image: Apple.

This week Apple announced the Vision Pro headset, available early next year. Here’s what we know so far about the device and what this means for marketers experimenting with AR and VR engagement.

“Spatial computing” and AR. The use cases demoed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) show augmented reality (AR) experiences where users interface with a digital layer on top of their real-world environment.

What this means practically is that users will be able to select and run apps from menus they see floating in their living room, office or other real-world environment. They’ll use voice commands, subtle hand gestures and eye movements to manipulate these objects and apps.

VR. Users will also be able to select virtual environments and adjust how much of their display is taken up by those environments. This means that Vision Pro users will also have the capability to plug into full VR experiences should they so choose.

Media. Vision Pro users will be able to watch movies and other streaming content. The improvement with the Vision Pro over TV screens is that these shows can take up a user’s full field of vision on their headset display. Content made or adapted for this system can also take advantage of the Vision Pro’s “spatial audio” sound, which promises to make it feel like sounds are coming naturally from the environment around the user.

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Why we care. Apple has held off on getting into the AR/VR space while Meta struggled over the last two years to get headsets and the “metaverse” to seem cool and get widely adopted. Marketers remember the watershed moment when Apple’s iPhone spawned the mobile marketing ecosystem, and therefore there’s good reason to wait until Apple throws their hat in the ring.

It’s also worth noting that many AR experiences already exist using smartphone apps. The Vision Pro will make AR wearable, and if done right, will make these experiences more intuitive with natural eye moments and hand gestures.

Dig deeper: What marketers need to know about the metaverse, Web 3.0 and NFTs.

Price point. The Vision Pro is priced at $3,499. To give some perspective, that’s about half the current price of Apple’s newest Mac Pro. Back in 1984, the first Macintosh started at $2,495, which is over $7,000 in 2023 dollars.

Consumers who buy the Vision Pro will be spending three times more than what an iPhone costs. Businesses that want to equip their employees with Vision Pros will have to invest sizable budgets on par with new laptops or other significant hardware upgrades.

Consumer and B2B adoption. Being able to watch popular shows might be a gateway for consumers to adopt the new device and begin to explore AR and VR applications. Another adoption strategy is for people who use VR at work to bring the devices home. This explains Meta’s push for using their Meta Quest Pro headset for videoconferencing and other business uses.

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Apple’s WWDC presentation showed how the Vision Pro uses machine learning to create a lifelike 3D model of a user’s face so that users can videoconference without their headsets being seen. This might be a more acceptable alternative to virtual meetings using cartoony avatars.

“Businesses are at a point where they want to get started with VR technology,” said Rolf Illenberger, CEO of enterprise VR platform VRdirect. “People in the office are asking about it. What’s missing is a general decision about which ecosystem to use.”

The Vision Pro inaugurates a new operating system, visionOS and a new Vision app store, where users will be able to access an anticipated flood of AR and VR apps.

AR and VR in marketing. Businesses in a number of verticals are adopting or considering VR for training and safety initiatives, Illenberger said. Widespread adoption for more general uses like virtual meetings is still several years away.

AR will likely be the first channel to get enough users to be of interest to marketers.

“There is a logical progression from AR marketing to VR marketing,” said Darwin Liu, founder and CEO of ecommerce services company X Agency. ”One needs to take off before the other one can. I expect AR marketing to really take off in the next 2-4 years and VR marketing to become important in 4-7 years.”

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When enough customers are using a specific VR ecosystem, it will be important for brands to create a presence within it. This is still a far cry from an interoperable “metaverse” where users can jump from space to space seamlessly and bring digital assets with them to spend on merchandise wherever they want to. The customers that use visionOS will be within Apple’s walled garden. The price to reach them will likely be a steep one.

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AI’s Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023



AI's Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023

Do you know AI is revolutionizing businesses and their marketing plans? Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic in the digital marketing industry for quite a long time now.

Trends have changed and AI has created a vast difference in working and planning strategies for marketing purposes. Having the ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data in just a few seconds has changed how companies approach the digital market now.


AI-powered chatbots are being used by companies to enhance their productivity, and customer handling, and reduce human efforts. This automated messaging system can be used to help customers with their queries and give them suggestions, also answering a lot of questions at once and being available round-the-clock.

Comprehending customer inquiries and responding appropriately in real-time using artificial intelligence chatbots are being used by companies.

Do Chatbots Market the Business?

Unlike a human being, AI Chatbot does not go out and market your company. However, it is a marketing tool especially on social media, because they can deliver targeted messages on your behalf, collect customer data to help you target messaging, and provide customer service that is beneficial to both the company and the customer.

1686088188 667 AIs Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023

Chatbots are very good at converting the viewers into buyers just by locating the desired products and asking the customers some specific questions according to the gathered data.

Creating the Content

Content creation is where actual human effort is needed a lot. It takes time, intelligence, ideas, and administration of plans to create high-quality and customer-centered content for marketing purposes.

It is predicted by experts that data generation all over the World is going to be more than 180 zetta-bytes by 2025. And there is no doubt that AI and machine learning will have a significant role in developing and creating the content at that time.

Let’s see how AI content creation is helpful in digital marketing;

  1. Enhances the Social Media Content Performance: 

Social media primarily plays a role in moving customers to their sales funnel. In the same manner, advertisers and marketers make themselves aware of the demographical data of their followers to create social media content that appeals to them.

The Ultimate Guide to An Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

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In this aspect, AI is the game changer. Artificial intelligence-powered tools can go beyond demographics to analyze client behaviors and preferences. This data is used by marketers to make their customer engagement better by refining their SMM  actions.

  1. User-Generated Content (UGC) Can Be Curated:
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Do you know that social media users today are incredible content creators and consumers both at the same time? The majority of them base their buying choices on user-generated content (UGC) rather than sponsored material.

UGC is assisting companies in improving their reputation among their competitors. AI technology can be used to keep an eye on social media platforms and track any references made to your brand. This way, you can gather valuable insights and feedback on how consumers perceive your business and services.

Making use of UGC, artificial intelligence is able to filter high-quality customer data. With the help of visual recognition technology not only the textual but also images and video content is identified by AI.

  1. Upgrades the Personalization:

Customer engagement is enhanced by personalization of the content being created by the company. Do you know AI is the chief in this aspect also? 

Personalization is dependent on the company to understand the needs and expectations of the customers.  AI collects, analyzes, and transforms the data of customers and makes their personalized profiles and sections.

1686088188 386 AIs Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023

This information may be used to create highly customized suggestions and interactions in order to engage with your clients effectively.  Companies may now build personalized email marketing content using AI rather than generalized email marketing campaigns.

Customer Targeted & Predictive Marketing

The client’s data being collected by companies via AI chatbots is used to generate patterns of future behavior and produce highly focused marketing.

Dynamic yet specific content is emailed by the companies at the right time to their customers with the help of AI. The emails that are sent are also based on the previous activities of the customers.

By collecting the data via customer activity on different web pages, email interactions, or blog reading, AI can efficiently identify which content is more appealing for the customer. This makes the company stay in an audience target business and produce future content according to it. 

Moreover, companies can know when the customers are not engaging or not getting appealed, AI again jumps into the situation and makes the profiles more customized to keep the user in touch and towards the company for re-engaging purposes. This re-engaging strategy is done by Churn Prediction.

Why is Churn Prediction Important?

Customer turnover is a common problem faced by companies. Growing the business means getting new clients similarly when a single customer leaves, it impacts the investment negatively. A company can save huge figures by just keeping an eye on their client’s activities and offering them incentives when they seem like leaving.

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1686088188 410 AIs Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023

That is why, understanding what keeps consumers engaged is incredibly valuable knowledge that is nonetheless collected by AI. It aids in the development of retention strategies and the implementation of operational practices targeted at preventing customers from saying goodbye to the company.

Natural Language Generation is Provided by AI

Who is playing a great role in Natural language generation? Yes, AI is at the top of the tools that provide us with NLG. 

The pieces of information organized by AI are the main source of NGL. Converting data into natural-sounding text produces a large number of printed words far faster than a normal person.

Companies use this AI influenced Natural Language Generation for the following purposes:

  1. Advertisement Writing

The natural language generated by AI is intelligent enough to modify itself to a company’s consumer and employ the language and tone most likely to connect with them. This is the turning point in ad creation.

AI-powered NLG writes ads for companies that are audience directed with a huge rate of conversion. These kinds of digital marketing software are becoming a must in this competitive Internet marketing industry.

  1. Automatic Updates & Revisions

Data is fed into the NLG program by AI, which produces text that resembles human speech based on established templates and rules. Plenty of sources, including statistics from websites, customer reviews, and survey results can provide the information needed.

1686088189 93 AIs Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023

Social media marketing campaigns are run to benefit the company in various aspects. Artificial intelligence NLG technology may be used in social media marketing campaigns to create social media posts based on popular subjects, updates, and hashtags.

The software would look into the information and produce posts that are interesting to and relevant to the intended audience.

  1.  Generation of Subject Lines

Email marketing is a bombing strategy, but how come it explodes? The subject line of the company’s email should be explosive if the customer is to be attracted.

None other than AI provides appealing subject lines for emails through NLG modules. The email open rates can be increased by using natural language generation to convey and adapt feelings, tone, and phrasing.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is getting applause all over the World as many customers prefer voice search rather than typing their query. AI is able to recognize the voice, search the voice keywords, and provide data that is asked. You may be familiar with AI voice recognition tools like Google Home, Alexa, and Amazon Echo. 

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By utilizing speech recognition and numerous other AI techniques, companies may offer material that AI systems can find more easily, improving the customer’s quality. 

By optimizing website content for voice search, companies can improve their search engine rankings for voice queries. This helps the companies to reach a wider audience and increase their visibility all over the internet.

The Ultimate Guide to An Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Voice keyword research is a method of raising a website’s efficiency through AI as well as effectiveness for speech-based search inquiries. In this way companies are thought to be digitally available for their customers, converting them into buyers and reducing the consumer churn.

Visual Recognition Technology

AI or in other words, Robots are able to identify some of the human features, this is called visual recognition technology.  

AI gathers information based on image recognition through social media platforms. For example, it monitors the image activity and gets insights from a company’s users. It helps companies to know which products and trends are more likely to be seen in their target audience.

Audience engagement and customer quality can be improved a lot more by this technology. Algorithms are set and analyzed by AI itself, this is called machine learning, which plays a great role in AI-powered digital marketing.

There is another way by which image-identifying technology can be helpful. By monitoring image algorithms AI makes the company produce more customer-centered content.

1686088189 935 AIs Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies In 2023

Additionally, using visual recognition technologies will enhance the client experience. Customers can see how things might look on them prior to making any purchase by using interactive product catalogs or online free-trial situations.


Concluding the above discussion, companies are now making use of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing more often. With the use of chatbots, virtual assistants, image recognition, voice recognition, and predictive content, AI has been used to raise customer satisfaction, decrease human efforts, and routine operations, and increase the overall effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns.

While there are many benefits of implementing AI in digital marketing, it’s important for companies to approach it wisely and deliberately.

Intelligent systems that are productive require thorough planning and development, including adhering to the platform’s purpose, selecting the layouts and conversational flow, and training the algorithm to understand and efficiently respond to user needs and requirements.

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