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Daily Search Forum Recap: August 31, 2021



Daily Search Forum Recap

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

That Google Search Console data is going to be lost forever, Google cannot backfill the data lost in the performance report on August 23rd and 24th. Google has an internal tool to check site quality and more. Google says don’t blindly replace your HTML title tags with the titles Google used. Google said content behind paywalls are not simply thin content. Google is testing an expandable carousel for sitelinks or snippets.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Search Console Performance Report Data Lost Completely
    Last week, we reported that the performance report in Google Search Console for the dates of August 23rd and 24th had missing data. We were hoping Google would be able to retrieve and backfill the data, but it seems the data is lost forever and will not be backfilled.
  • Google Internal Tool To Check Site Quality
    Google’s John Mueller said a couple of weeks ago that he has internal tools to look at sites or pages and see if a site is low quality. He said this in the August 20th video hangout.
  • Google: Don’t Blindly Replace Your HTML Title Tags With Google’s Titles
    So now there are some SEOs asking if it makes sense for you to replace your HTML title tag with the title Google selected to show in the Google search results. John Mueller from Google said no, don’t just do that blindly – if it makes things better for your users, sure but don’t assume Google’s algorithms are right here.
  • Google: Content Behind Paywalls Is Not Automatically Thin Content
    Google’s John Mueller said that just because some content might be behind a paywall, it doesn’t mean Google sees that content as thin content. Google allows content paywalls and will show them as much as it shows content not behind paywalls. So no, Google does not automatically treat paywalled content as thin content.
  • Google Tests Expandable Search Snippet Carousels
    For the past couple of weeks, people have been showing me a feature in Google search that shows expandable snippets in a carousel format. Kind of like expandable sitelinks of some sorts. I thought I saw this before, but it was actually something Bing launched a few months ago, not something Google was testing.
  • Stan The Google Dinosaur Gets A Kiss
    I’ve posted tons of photos of Stan, the Google dinosaur over the years. I’ve never seen a photo of Stan getting a kiss before. Megan, who does this super cool thing of trying something new each day,


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Google Business Profiles Showing Review Time For Some Edits



Google Business Profiles Managers Controls In Web Search

Google may now show you the time it takes to review a requested edit in Google Business Profiles. So if you edit, let’s say, your business category, Google may show you that this type of edit takes about 10 minutes to be reviewed by someone at Google.

Colan Nielsen shared a screenshot of this on Twitter the other day and wrote “First time seeing messaging after making edits to a GBP where Google tells you down to the minute how long until your edit is reviewed. In this case, the edit was pushed live in under ten minutes.”

Here is that screenshot:

click for full size

I have never seen this before and boy does this put some pressure on Google to get edits done fast.

I do wonder if this notice about how long the edit might take will last…

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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