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Microsoft Advertising Launches Professional Service Ads For Bing Search



Microsoft Advertising Launches Professional Service Ads For Bing Search

Microsoft Advertising announced yet another set of vertical ad formats for Bing Search – professional service ads for insurance services, real estate services and tax services. “Professional Service Ads aim to do just that for anyone that’s looking to get connected with a certain agent, advisor, consultant, or any sort of professional,” Microsoft wrote.

Here are examples of Professional Service Ads for insurance services, real estate, and tax services but Microsoft says more are “coming soon.”

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Professional Service Ads are intent-triggered rich placements that provide real-time information to consumers about your agents, advisors, and consultants, all with no keywords required. With a spot on the right rail of the Bing search engine results page (SERP) running alongside mainline text ads, you can showcase your professionals more prominently than ever. If you want to think bigger than just promoting your individual local agents, though, you can also leverage Professional Service Ads to promote your regional office or branch or even your national company. All these offerings are available to both service providers as well as comparison sites.

Professional Service Ads are dynamically generated based on the data you specify in your feed file, such as your plan type, the organization category, federal registration status, and URLs. So that is all you need to give to Microsoft, but the more you give them, the more they can do with your ads.

As a reminder, Microsoft Advertising launched automobile ads, health insurance ads, credit card ads, tour and activity ads and cruise ads. Now we have Professional Service Ads and I am sure we will see many more verticals this year.

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I am just waiting for the news from Microsoft on when they decide to consolidate these programs to simplify their ad system.

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Google Testing Snippets With Expandable Local Related Carousels



Google Dedicated Local Ad Pack

Google is testing a search result snippet that shows a expandable drop down menus under the snippet that contains weather, hotels, restaurants, visual stories, events and more. When you click on these expandable menus, you get carousels of search results for those types of search features.

This was spotted by Khushal Bherwani and posted on Twitter – for some reason this user interface looks familiar, I am not sure if it is 100% new but here is a GIF of it in action:

Google Tests Expandable Local Related Carousels Within Snippets

I was not able to replicate so I am thinking it is a test or I am trying the wrong queries.

Do you see this? I do think it is useful based on the query type.

Here is his video of this:

Forum discussion at Twitter.


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