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Meta Announces Speakers and Agenda for Next Week’s ‘Conversations’ Business Messaging Conference



Meta Announces Speakers and Agenda for Next Week's 'Conversations' Business Messaging Conference

Meta’s holding its first ever ‘Conversations’ business messaging conference next week (5/19), where it will showcase its latest innovations and coming upgrades for its messaging platforms, which now cumulatively have over 2 billion users.

And it’s bringing out the big guns for the event, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who’ll deliver the main keynote address, along with COO Sheryl Sandberg and Uber chief Dara Khosrowshahi.

I mean, that makes sense, Uber has essentially built its business on messaging, and Sandberg will sit down with Khosrowshahi to get his insights into how messaging platforms have facilitated Uber’s growth, and fueled its connection strategy.

In other sessions, Meta’s internal engineers will discuss the latest messaging upgrades and business tools, which will likely include new eCommerce integrations and advanced ad tools for WhatsApp.

Meta’s been trying to generate more revenue from WhatsApp since it purchased the platform for $19 billion back in 2014. Those efforts have forced Meta to gradually change the focus of WhatsApp, and in some aspects, soften its privacy features, which is at least part of the reason why former WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum left the company back in 2018.

But at 2 billion users, WhatsApp presents huge revenue potential, if Meta can get it right.

It’ll be interesting to see if it has any new solutions on this front to share next week.


Following the keynote presentations, there’ll be a range of breakout sessions and deep-dives, covering topics like ‘How to get started with messaging to support your customers’, ‘Building conversational commerce experiences’ and ‘Working with Meta’s partner ecosystem’.

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It could be worth tuning in to glean some more insight into how messaging can complement your business process.

You can check out the full Conversations agenda here where you can also register to attend the single day event.

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Twitter Launches New ‘Twitter Create’ Mini-Site to Highlight Monetization Opportunities for Creators



Twitter Launches New 'Twitter Create' Mini-Site to Highlight Monetization Opportunities for Creators

Creators are the new currency for social media networks, with every platform now working to sweeten its deal in order to keep the top creative talent posting to their apps, and keep their fans coming back to check in on the latest.

And today, Twitter’s taking its latest step in working to boost its creator appeal, with the launch of a new Twitter Create mini-site, which will host a range of tips, insights and examples designed to help creators maximize their Twitter presence.

The new site, which you can check out here, includes specific sections for creators in different verticals to help guide them on how to maximize their Twitter presence.

Tap on ‘Podcasters’, for example, and you’re taken to a dedicated page of tips for how to promote your show, including notes on which specific Twitter products you can utilize.

Twitter Create

Obviously, given the focus on monetization, Twitter’s newer offerings, like Super Follows and Spaces are the main push, with each providing new ways to make money from what you do in the app.

Scroll down further in any topic stream and you’ll find case studies, notes, and other blog posts that can help to guide you in the right direction.

Twitter Create

The site provides a good overview of Twitter’s various monetization avenues, in nine different categories, while there’s also a range of blog posts and notes that can help to guide your tweet approach.

Twitter’s monetization tools, thus far, haven’t really caught on, with Twitter Blue not yet becoming a key contributor to the platform’s revenue, and other offerings also, based on Twitter’s most recent performance update, failing to drive any significant income for the company.


But they do offer opportunity, and there are some users that are indeed driving significant benefit from these additions. The trick for Twitter now is to help creators maximize take-up, and build their own offerings to better incentivize people to pay for content, which is not a habitual behavior in the app.

That’s been a key challenge for its creator monetization tools thus far – people have always been able to read your tweets for free, why would they start paying for the privilege now? That hesitation seems to be a key tipping point that Twitter needs to overcome, and up till now, it’s been reliant on the creators themselves to come up with more compelling subscription offerings, in order to add value to their platform presence.

This new platform aims to provide more specific guidance on this element, which could make it a valuable resource for those considering their add-on options to incentivize subscribers, while newer additions like Super Follower Only Spaces provide more, simple add-on tools that can push creators in the right direction as to how they can enhance their Twitter presence for a paying audience.

Which is really what needs to happen. People aren’t going to pay for your tweets, no matter how witty you may think you are, but they will pay for exclusives and additional engagement offerings that can make them more aligned to your presence.

Up till now, Twitter hasn’t been great at articulating this, hence the low take-up of these tools. But this new platform provides more direct guidance, which could provide a boost for its monetization tools.

You can check out the new Twitter Create mini-site here.

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