Google to sunset Google Publisher Toolbar by May, this year

Google this month announced that it is sunsetting Google Publisher Toolbar. Google will remove Google Publisher Toolbar from the Chrome Web Store, beginning of May 2020.

Google says after May 2020, users will no longer be able to access your AdSense data through the Google Publisher Toolbar. According to Google, this is part of the 2020’s mission of reducing complexity.

Google Publisher Toolbar is a Chrome extension, launched in 2012. In Google Publisher Toolbar, publishers can see data from AdSense, Ad Exchange, and Google Ad Manager. Google Publisher Toolbar enables publishers to view information on each of the ads, block unsuitable creatives, and see an account overview, all while browsing the site.

Via Google Publisher Toolbar, publishers have an overlay generating an Ad Details pop-up with information about the ad, including its size, display URL and the advertiser name. When publishers click on the overlay it will generate an Ad Details pop-up with a link to the ad’s landing page, allowing for safe clicks, summary reporting on the ad unit including performance metrics, such as clicks, RPM and estimated revenue, the buyer name, and the display URL.

Google Publisher Toolbar had a 4 star review and was installed by more than 200 thousand users.

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