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Reddit Adds New Visual Editing Tools as it Looks to Facilitate Expanded Usage Options



Reddit Adds New Visual Editing Tools as it Looks to Facilitate Expanded Usage Options

Here’s a small, but interesting new update in the Reddit posting process. As announced on the Reddit blog, the platform is in the process of rolling out some new image editing tools which will enable users to customize their visual uploads before they post.

As you can see in this example (starring Luna), Reddit’s adding Stories-like editing options into its upload flow, which will provide new ways to display visual content in the app.

As explained by Reddit:

To make it easier to post images directly to Reddit, next week those adding images on iOS will have the ability to crop, rotate, or markup images with text, stickers, or drawings. Next up is Android, so stay tuned for more updates.”

The tools are actually a layover from Dubsmash, which Reddit acquired back in December 2020. Last November, Reddit flagged the coming addition of these new visual tools as part of its integration of Dubsmash elements into its main app, which will also include new recording speed options for video, recording timers, the capacity to upload clips in both landscape and portrait mode, new video clipping options, and more.

And as you may also note in the above image, Reddit’s also adding new ‘Filters’ for still image uploads. Most of these will likely be along the lines of Instagram’s basic visual enhancements, but they could also, eventually, incorporate AR elements into the process, providing another engagement option in the app.

Reddit been testing AR overlays for several months, with Bread Cat’ and ‘Snoo’ effects already available to some users.

Reddit AR filters

Personally, I don’t see how these digital masks truly fit into the Reddit experience, but with usage of its TikTok-like video feed increasing significantly of late, there does seem to be a potential use case for these types of fun effects within short clips, aligning with the broader short-form content trend.

Reddit’s been trying to re-shape itself as a more ad-friendly platform of late, in order to capitalize on the potential of its 52 million daily active users. Though Reddit usage has also taken a hit over the last couple of years, with its cull of thousands of its more controversial subreddits in 2020 reducing overall usage, but improving brand safety and appeal.

Back in December 2019, Reddit reported that it was serving more than 430 million monthly active users, but in December a year later, following the cull, it switched to daily active usage stats instead, which Reddit says is “a more accurate reflection of our user growth, and more in-line with industry reporting”.

So we don’t know, for sure, what the full impacts of that cull have been, but it seems pretty likely that there’s been a big shift in its usage stats, based on daily to monthly conversion (for comparative measure, Snapchat serves 319 million daily actives, and 500 million monthly users).

Still, that was likely a necessary change, given the platform’s long-standing reputation as a haven for controversial content, and Reddit is now hoping to re-shape its updated platform with new tools and options to better align with overall social media usage trends.

It remains to be seen how open Reddit’s community will be to such, but the capacity to edit images – along with audio rooms, live-streaming, in-community chat and more – expands on Reddit’s offering, and could help to promote more interaction in new ways.    

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YouTube Tests Improved Comment Removal Notifications, Updated Video Performance and Hashtag Insights



YouTube Expands its 'Pre-Publish Checks' Tool to the Mobile App

YouTube’s looking to provide more context on content removals and violations, while it’s also experimenting with a new form of analytics on average video performance benchmarks, along with improved hashtag discovery, which could impact your planning and process.

First off, on policy violations – YouTube’s looking to provide more context on comment removals via an updated system that will link users through to the exact policy that they’ve violated when a comment is removed.

As explained by YouTube’s Conor Kavanagh:

“Many users have told us that they would like to know if and when their comment has been removed for violating one of our Community Guidelines. Additionally, we want to protect creators from a single user’s ability to negatively impact the community via comments, either on a single channel or multiple channels.”

The new comment removal notification aims to address this, by providing more context as to when a comment has been removed for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines.

In expansion of this, YouTube will also put some users into timeout if they keep breaking the rules. Literally:

If someone leaves multiple abusive comments, they may receive a temporary timeout which will block the ability to comment for up to 24 hours.”


YouTube says that this will hopefully reduce the amount of abusive comments across the platform, while also adding more transparency to the process, in order to help people understand how they’ve broken the rules, which could also help to guide future behavior.

On a similar note, YouTube’s also expanding its test of timestamps in Community Guidelines policy violation notifications for publishers, which provide more specific details on when a violation has occurred in video clips.

Initially only available for violations of its ‘Harmful and Dangerous’ policy, YouTube’s now expanding these notifiers to violations related to ‘Child Safety’, ‘Suicide and Self-Harm’, and ‘Violent or Graphic’.

If you’re in the experiment, you’ll see these timestamps in YouTube Studio as well as over email if we believe a violation has occurred. We hope these timestamps are useful in understanding why your video violated our policies and we hope to expand to more policies over time.”

On another front, YouTube’s also testing a new analytics card in YouTube Studio which will show creators the typical amount of views they get on different formats, including VODs, Shorts, and live streams.

YouTube average video performance

As you can see in this example, the new data card will provide insight into the average amount of views you see in each format, based on your the last 10 uploads in each, which could provide more comparative context on performance.

Finally, YouTube’s also launched a test that aims to showcase more relevant hashtags on video clips.

“We’re launching an experiment to elevate the hashtags on a video’s watch page that we’ve found viewers are interested in, instead of just the first few added to the video’s description. Hashtags are still chosen by creators themselves – nothing is changing there – the goal of the experiment is simply to drive more engagement with hashtags while connecting viewers with content they will likely enjoy.”

So YouTube will be looking to highlight more relevant hashtags in video clips, as a means to better connect users to more video clips on the same topic.


Which could put more emphasis on hashtag use – so it could be time to upgrade your hashtag research approach in line with the latest trending topics.

All of these updates are fairly minor, but they could impact your YouTube approach, and it’s worth considering the potential impacts in your process.

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