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Google Chrome to kill third-party cookies within 2 years



Google today announced that it has a plan to make third-party cookies obsolete on Chrome. Google is creating a Privacy Sandbox to make third-party cookies obsolete within 2 years.

Privacy Sandbox will anonymously aggregate user information, keeping much more user information on-device only. The 3 functions Google is looking to replace are ad selection, conversion measurement, and fraud prevention.

Justin Schuh, Director, Chrome Engineering, at Google, wrote that the plan is to start the first origin trials by the end of this year, starting with conversion measurement and following with personalization.

Before killing the third-party cookies, already next month, Google will limit insecure cross-site tracking on Chrome.

Besides, Google today also announced that later this year it will implement new anti-fingerprinting protections on Chrome.

On the buy side, last year, Google already started to use machine learning to manage ad frequency, when there is no third-party cookies present. The lack of third-party cookies mainly affects the CPM on sell side. Google last year published a study concluding that traffic for which there was no cookie present yielded an average of 52 percent less revenue for the publisher than traffic for which there was a cookie present.

Ari Paparo, CEO at Beeswax, wrote in AdExchanger: view-through attribution, third-party data, multitouch attribution and DMPs are dead with this change.

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Google Home App Gets an Overhaul, Rolling Out Soon



Google Home app

Google refreshes its Home app with a slew of new features after launching a new Nest gear. This makes it faster and easier to pair smart devices with Matter, adds customization and personalization options, an enhanced Nest camera experience, and better intercommunication between devices.

This revamped Home app utilizes Google’s Matter smart home standard – launching later this year – especially the Fast Pair functionality. On an Android phone, it will instantly recognize a Matter device and allow you to easily set it up, bypassing the current procedure that is often slow and difficult. Google is also updating its Nest speakers, displays, and routers – to control Matter devices better.

Google Home App New Features

  • Spaces: This feature allows you to control multiple devices in different rooms. Google has listed a few things by room: kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc., although it’s pretty limited right now. Spaces let you organize devices how you see fit. For instance, you can set up a baby monitor in one room and set a different room’s camera to focus on an area the baby often plays. With Spaces, you can categorize these two devices into one Space category called ‘Baby.’

Google Home app Spaces

  • Favorites: This one is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to make certain gears as a favorite that you frequently use. Doing so will bring those devices into the limelight within the Google Home app for easier access. 

Google Home app

  • Media: Google adds a new media widget at the bottom of your Home feed. This will automatically determine what media is playing in your home and provide you with the appropriate controls as and when needed. There will be song controls if you listen to music on your speakers. There will be television remote controls if you’re watching TV. 

Google probably won’t roll out this Home app makeover anytime soon. But you can try it for yourself in the coming week by enrolling in the public preview, available in select areas.

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